Circle Sound Group Class - Registration required - 6 week class; Sept. 12 - Oct 17, 2022

Elkhorn, NE

Contact me for more information or to register.

Join me for an hour each week for this six-week course where we can explore the creative capacity of the individual and collective voice through rhythm & sound. A.K.A. " Play"! Have fun and experience the joy and stress-releasing benefits of creating spontaneous music through facilitated rhythm, sound and movement. NO SKILL SET REQUIRED. . Making music in ANY form is relaxing and has many benefits including the ability to strengthen the immune system, decrease stress, expand your lung capacity and improve your concentration and mental alertness. Most importantly – it releases endorphins – those “feel good” brain chemicals that boost your mood and lift your spirit!

We'll do a little circle singing, call & response, body percussion, movement and interactive polyrhythms. It’s my hope you’ll walk away with a stronger internal balance, a little more confidence, joy and sense of well-being; and just maybe…. a few new friends! $210